About Us

Jacquetta H. Bullock

Founder & Executive Director

Jacquetta 'Jackie' Bullock is the founder and Executive Director of New Direction Ministries. She is a leader, advisor, advocate, educator, encourager, motivator, writer, pioneer, forerunner, entrepreneur and visionary as noted in her ongoing involvements to help lift and help improve the quality of life for the lest, less, lost, low and left out… right alongside of those who are on top and climbing. Jackie faith is the vehicle that navigates the course for service. She believes as constructed and by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Everyone can be great". The care and concerns for humankind is to be expressed not merely in words, but in your deeds. Jackie earned a bachelor's degree in Accounting and a MBA from Pfieffer University. She is married and has three children and three grandchildren.

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