Programs in Action

T. A. Byrd Youth Enrichment Program

The Todji A. Byrd Youth Enrichment Program provides a safe environment where at-risk youth disenfranchised by social and economical boundaries can participate in diverse cultural arts, recreation, interactive education and community solidity.

Todji A. Byrd was a young man who died senselessly and prematurely at the age of 22 years. Through T.A. Byrd, New Direction works to positively impact the lives of youth through tutoring, team building, mentoring, cultural exposure and health and fitness activities.

1) Prevent and reduce the incidents of problem behavior (truancy, substance abuse, teen pregnancy) in youth ages 6 to 17

2) Improve academic achievement and social development skills

3) Emerge a link to strengthen the positive bonds between youth and their families, school, and community.

Program goals will develop youth in the following areas:

Assertion & Expression (use of portfolios, social involvement and positive expression)
Concept and Dialect (self-awareness, relational skills, & critical thinking skills)
Process & Interpretation (increase vocabulary & expression techniques)
Interpersonal Wellness (music, art, health/ strategies to improve mental and physical wellness)
Team Strength (increase team and togetherness skills)

Rapid Re-Housing Program (RRH)

Infinite Possibilities, Inc. is the program administrator for the Rapid Re-Housing Program for Vance, Franklin, Granville, Halifax and Warren Counties.

Program Components Include:
• Financial Assistance
• Case Management
• Credit Repair
• Legal Services

New Direction Ministries, Inc. is contracted as the Accountabilities Coordinator of the RRH Program to provide credit repair and financial counseling. Credit counseling and financial budgeting services are necessary to assist program participants with critical skills related to household budgeting, managing money, accessing a free personal credit report, and resolving personal credit problems.

Who Is Eligible?
Provider referral only can refer individuals and/or families who qualify as homeless under HUD's 1 & 4 definitions ONLY listed below:

1. People who are living in a place not meant for human habitation, in emergency shelter, in transitional housing, or are exiting an institution where they temporarily resided, OR

2. People who are fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence, have no other residence, and lack the resources or support networks to obtain other permanent housing.

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